The Welfare Team offers several services in which you should be informed of, if you have any questions please contact the welfare reps.

female.welfare.rep@stx.ox.ac.uk (Archeeta Pujari)  

male.welfare.rep@stx.ox.ac.uk (Navin Cooray).

Some of these services include:

1) Free condoms, pregnancy tests, personal alarms, and dental dams - We provide free welfare and sexual health supplies, which you can find in the Welfare Locker in the post room (ask the porter if you can't find it). Condoms can also be found in the Caroline Miles Room (box on windowsill) and the Women's Bathrooms (near sinks) next to the Bar. Please be considerate and take only what you need. Stay safe StXers.

2) Sunday Brunch @ 12:30pm in StX Bar (free) - The Welfare reps provide Brunch every Sunday in the bar. This week, brunch is free to give you a taste of what we offer. There will be no brunch next week due to the Christchurch brunch event (do not miss!). From 16th Oct onwards, brunch will be held every week in the bar at 12:00pm. It will cost £1 for StX and £2 non-StX.
3) Sunday Peer Support Sessions @ 1:00-2:00pm in Van Heyningen Room (the room on the right hand side on the way from the entrance to the library) - These weekly drop-in sessions are run by students who have received training in listening and counselling skills to provide support for any emotional and academic worries. The sessions are informal but completely confidential. Do pop in if you have any concerns or just want a friendly chat. This term, peer support sessions will start from Sunday, 16th Oct
4) Yoga in the hall @ 6pm: It was lovely to see so many of you at Yoga last week. From this week onwards, Yoga will be held every Monday @ 6pm. This week, Yoga will be in the Hall and free again! From next week, the venue will change and there will be a small charge of £3 per class or £20 for the whole term. 
If you plan to be a yoga regular, please join the StX Yoga Facebook group to stay up to date about last minute venue/time changes: https://www.facebook.com/groups/314053755621240


College out of hours

Emergencies: if you have a serious medical or mental health issue requiring immediate attention you should call an ambulance or the police on 999 or your GP. If you have registered with the Jericho Health Centre (as recommended by the College) you can reach them on 01865 311234.

If the matter does not require medical assistance, or the police, call the Junior Deans on 07758 629747 or the Lodge on 01865 278490.

College during office hours

If any student would like to discuss a matter which is troubling them they are welcome to contact the Bursar at bursar@stx.ox.ac.uk or (2)78497, or the Senior Tutor at senior.tutor@stx.ox.ac.uk.

Alternatively the Student Welfare Representatives can be contacted on

female.welfare.rep@stx.ox.ac.uk (Archeeta Pujari)  

male.welfare.rep@stx.ox.ac.uk (Navin Cooray).

The Bursary Administrator can be asked general questions during office hours.


Medical Information

GP/College Doctors

If you are a new student at St Cross, you will get a chance to register with one of the College doctors. Dr Judith Bogdanor, Dr Laurence Leaver and Dr Mark O'Shea are at the Jericho Health Centre, which is located in New Radcliffe House on Walton Street. The Jericho Health Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm, and you should make an appointment to see your GP - 01865 311234.


Contraceptive advice and supplies are available from your GP, the Alec Turnbull Clinic and other Family Planning Clinics or the Oxford GU Medicine Clinic. They are free of charge to everyone. Some GPs run special Family Planning Clinics and/or you can be seen in any normal surgery. Pregnancy tests and cervical smears are also available from GPs and many of them supply free condoms. Students should know that they have the choice to seek contraceptive advice and supplies from any GP practice, not just from their own GP.

The Alec Turnbull Clinic (Family Planning clinic) is located in the Old Blackbird Leys Health Centre, 63 Blackbird Leys Road Blackbird Leys, Oxford OX4 6HL, accessible by the Oxford Bus Company's City 5 Route. Please call 01865 456666 to confirm opening times.

It is not essential to have an appointment though you may have to wait longer at the Clinic if you do not have one. Between session times the Clinic is open for telephone advice which is available to anyone, whether you attend the Clinic as a patient or not. In addition to offering contraception, the Alec Turnbull Clinic provides on-the-spot pregnancy tests, smear tests, advice on sexual problems and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV).


Nightline is a completely independent listening, support and information service run for and by students. It aims to provide every student in Oxford with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence. No contact is made with any outside agency, academic department or anyone else; you don't even have to give your name. It is located at 16 Wellington Square, open from 0th to 9th Week every term from 8pm to 8am. 01865 (2)70270

Student Counselling Service

The University has a professionally staffed confidential Student Counselling Service for assistance with personal, emotional, social and academic problems. The Service is available free to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate members of the University. You need to make an appointment, but the Service does not require a GP referral. It is located at 3 Worcester Street, open from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 01865 (2)70300 or reception@counserv.ox.ac.uk (but remember, no email system is strictly confidential).

Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory was set up as a free, confidential service to encourage those in distress to seek help. Visitors can read about different areas of distress, view useful articles written by counsellors and refine their search to find the most appropriate help.

Oxford Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre

The Oxford Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre is located on Little Gate Street. (Telephone: 01865 862009). They hold lipreading classes every Thursday from 18:30 - 20:00 which only cost £20.00 for the 10 week course. They also hold drop in hearing aid inspection sessions approximately once/month. E-mail admin@oxfroddeafcentre.co.uk for more information.

Blood Donation Clinics

The Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre (see above) holds blood donor clinics roughly twice each month. This is the closest clinic to the College (approx 5-10 minute walk). Appointments can be made on the National Blood Service's Website.

Useful Links


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