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STX Law Society

In Hilary Term 2017, St Cross College launched its own law society, becoming the first graduate college at Oxford to do so. The St Cross Law Society is aimed at promoting the study of law and providing its members with opportunities to engage with like-minded peers and more senior members of the legal profession. It was founded by MJur student Sandro Wiggerich, who was elected its first President.

Bar Refurbishment Progress

Here we will provide updates of our Bar Refurbishment and it's Progress.


September 20, 2016 - Today was our first bar refurbishment meeting.  We went over the budget and decided to focus our efforts on a new paint job, booth seatings, lighting, and decorations.  The goal will be to add a STX personalized touch to the bar.  We are putting together a vision board of ideas and will present it to the CRC (common room commitee) during week 1.