SRC Goals

The SRC committee has six main goals for the year 2016-2017:


  • Creation of a Welfare Advisor - Welfare is an extremely important issue that needs to be taken seriously.  Students should feel welcome, comfortable, and supported in the arduous task that is studying at Oxford.  Over the course of the past year, the undersigned have become aware of some issues within the St Cross community, many of which revolve around student welfare. It is our aim to outline these concerns, as well as to provide a basis on which substantial improvements can be made. We are pushing for the creation of a Welfare Advisor, formal training for college advisors, improved awareness of Peer Support and Junior Dean drop-in hours, and a more equal and open college life in general.  We would also like to raise the issue of attitudes towards suspensions. This is a sensitive topic but one that needs attention.  We will work with college and improve communication so that students understand the steps and regulations of the matter.


  • SRC Transparency - One of the biggest complaints in previous years was that the SRC was not transparent and that students were not kept informed about what it does. In order to improve this, we plan to use several different platforms to spread the word. Firstly, we hope to make full use of: (1) this website, (2) the freshers' group on Facebook, (3) the SRC pinboard in the college bar, and (4) regular emails to keep students up to date about social events, welfare support, and SRC news.  We will also make all elections to SRC positions dependent on an entire college vote.  In this way, students will be able to read candidates' manifestos and choose their priorities for each position.  We will also create new platforms on which students can provide feedback and suggestions to the SRC, including:  (1) a suggestion box on the SRC pinboard in the bar, (2) the contact/guestbook page of this website, (3) surveys, and (4) direct email contact with individual SRC members.  We will send out twice-weekly bulletins that keep the college informed about current events and the SRC's activities.


  • SRC Handbook -  This year we hope to compete an SRC handbook.  It is necessary to have guidelines for these positions and as well as a reference book to which current and future members can resort to when they have questions.  This initiative was begun by the previous SRC committee and we aim to complete it this year.  


  • Bar Refurbishment - Using some of the surplus SRC budget, we have decided to give the college's bar a facelift which will include a new paint job, lighting, booth seating, and a more personalized decorations.  This is one common area which the majority of the college uses so we believed it was a good way to reach out to as many students as possible with the extra budget.  Our hope is to create a more personalized environment that will improve the college's culture and sense of pride.  We will install an SRC pinboard which will have all current news from the student body on it. The goal is also to collect pictures from the college's sports teams and societies to decorate the walls.  Lastly, we hope to hold an art compeition involving a mural with the STX crest which we plan to have painted on one of the columns.  


  • Affordability (Housing and Suppers) - Our goal is negotiate with the college's administration to reduce the cost of the accommodation in the new building for students and reduce the cost of the suppers provided by the college.


  • More Involvement: Our college prides itself on its international nature and we have an amazingly diverse student body.  However, there is still more we can do with all that potential: film nights, informal language classes, dancing, poetry events – especially in conjunction with themed Halls.  There is more we can achieve. Overall our goal is to  get more people involved in college life.  It’s important to build a St Cross culture in which students are proud to call the college their home.  We want to host more social events through the term in addition to 'bops' that get different groups wanting to be involved.  We will will do our best to reach every group and find something that will interest as many people as possible to build a strong and proud St Cross community.