Social Events


We organize two Bops per term in the hall. Every St Cross student, their guests and other members of the University of Oxford may attend.


For those new to Oxford, a BOP is a big party, with a DJ, decorations, lights, and everything! Where the word BOP comes from is - as with all things Oxford - a little historical. It likely comes from the obscure British word ‘bop’, which is a dance to pop music. That word in turn is a shorthand for ‘bebop’, which is a type of jazz originating in the 1940s and characterized by complex harmony and rhythms. So we’re sophisticated after all...


BOPs have themes, and people often dress up to fit the theme, though dressing up is never compulsory. It is tradition that every year the Dutch BOP is hosted at St Cross, in conjunction with the NWS Dutch Society. Another yearly BOP is the Sexy Subfusc BOP.


Guests are welcome at our BOPs (do invite them!). Bring your bodcard (student card). Drinks can be bought with cash only at our BOPs.


Bar Events 

Various events in the bar are organized throughout the year, especially on Saturdays. Things such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas, Valentine, etc. are usually a good enough reason for a party. See the social calendar for details.

Other Events

Walks, Movie-nights, Documentary and discussion nights, various trips, and BBQs (in summer) happen as well. And this year the SRC will organize a subsidized trip to our sister-college in Cambridge.