National NHS protest

  • Posted on: 8 February 2017
  • By: President

Saturday 4 March, 12 noon - 5pm

From Tavistock Square WC1H 9RE
To Parliament SW1A 0AA
Book seats on coaches to the demo from Oxford:
Be part of history - fight for our NHS. 
The NHS is our finest achievement, the thing that makes us most proud to be British. The majority of the public (even the majority of Tory voters) want it publicly run and properly funded. 
But it's at breaking point.
People are dying as a result of the Conservative government's deliberate underfunding.
We spend the least on our health service (as a % of GDP) than any other G7 nation. And even that is dropping. 
‘Free at the point of use’ is what the government hides behind, but the services are decreasing rapidly, with rationing occurring all over the country. 
This is a life or death issue; don’t wait until you or your loved ones are affected. 
This protest will be huge: be part of history! 
Bring all your friends, organise placard painting parties, spread the word. Be there. 
For more information: 
local Oxford contact: